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Please Guard My Life
Please Guard My Life
He shouldn't have been nearly as nervous as he was
He was an actor, this was what he did, he could do this
He could do this, he could get through this....
Except he wasn't so sure he really could...
"Hi, I'm Stiles,"
He looked up, swallowing slightly and taking a breath as he looked up at the owner of the voice
"Derek," he replied quickly, staring at the other actor's- Stiles'- extended hand and reaching out awkwardly to shake it
"Hey Derek, so you're the only other survivor it looks like," Stiles grinned
It took a moment before Derek remembered that they were shooting a horror film so it took him by a bit of surprise but he nodded and smiled as soon as he remembered
"Pretty neat twist at the end huh? That Cassie dies and then I'm miracuously revealed to be alive after you kill the killer? Then we walk into the sunset, or you know, moonlight, whatever, talk about a modern twist huh?"
He nodded slowly, feeling his heart stutter slightly
"Not all that talkative
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Pajama Pack
Pajama Pack
"Oh my God this is the most exciting thing ever!"
"It's season five, surely you're more used to it than this by now Stiles,"
"No no not that! We're having a sleepover! A good old fashioned pajama-party sleepover!" Stiles grinned excitedly
"Why does that make you so happy?" Liam huffed
"Are you KIDDING? It's been FOREVER since Scott and I have had a REAL sleepover like this!" he shouted
"Aww like... back when you were ten or something?" Kira smiled
"Um, no, last year," Scott corrected with complete seriousness
"Why would you jump to like EIGHT YEARS AGO? That's terrible, I'd never let that happen," Stiles snorted as he tossed his backpack in the corner with the others
"Maybe because sleepovers are for children?" Issac snorted
"We have sleepovers," Scott pouted as he tossed his jacket off
"We also LIVE together," he shrugged back
"Well I don't care what any of you say, you're never too old for sleepovers," Erica smirked
"Or pajama parties!" Kira agreed
"Wich is why we
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Happy And Proud (Of All Of Us)
Happy And Proud (Of All Of Us)
"Derek! Paint my face!"
Derek really shouldn't be surprised anymore when he hears the familiar heartbeat of his fiance racing up to the loft but the speed at wich his heart is beating is something to be considered
"Breakfast with your father end early?" he asked right as the door slammed open
"Sorta, just paint my face!" he insisted, slamming a plastic bag in Derek's hands and pulling over one of the new barstools, plopping down and gesturing quickly for him to get on with it
"Do you want to tell me what I'm painting and why?" he asked calmly
Because at this point Derek was sort of immune to Stiles' eccentricities
"Have you watched the news?" Stiles frowned
Derek glanced in the bag and noticed that all seven colors of the rainbow were in it, smiling and grabbing the brush as he started to take the little tubes of face paint out
"As a matter of fact I haven't but Lydia texted me earlier, going to the parade?" he guessed as he started pouring the paint out
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Mothers And Taxes
Mothers And Taxes
Waking up to sunlight and the smoke detectors going meant only one thing:
Mother's Day
It was the same routine every year as soon as she woke up
Race downstairs to handle the smoke alarms (and possibly put out a kitchen fire) and assure Scott (again) that he really didn't have to cook if he found it difficult
She's been saying that for about ten years now and he never listens
And then they make the mutual decision that they should just go have brunch instead of trying to swallow whatever Scott had burned
She actually liked the routine- as long as the fires were managable enough not to call the fire department... the Mother's Day morning of '09 will never be forgotten...- so she had no trouble smiling when she walked down and the smell of smoke got stronger
What was surprising however, was that she heard a rather large commotion downstairs...
"Derek how is this bacon not cooking? It's literally pre-cooked, microwavable bacon, how do you just keep cooking it without it
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Get Crafty
Get Crafty
"Are the bracelets done yet?" It was possibly one of the last things Ichigo ever expected to say but here he was, saying it, to his children of all people, "No...?" His oldest daughter pouted, looking up from her coloring book, "Oh come on... don't you guys know what tommorrow is?" he asked with a cringe, already this evening was heading off to a bad start, to be fair though he should have asked YESTERDAY but he was the first to admit that his memory was about the size of a peanut so it made sense that he had only just remembered to ask about it, "I thought Mother's Day was NEXT week," came the reply of his oldest son, "No guys, it's tommorrow... and you wanted to do that thing with making her special freindship bracelets remember?" he added, "We know but we thought we had more time," "And Mommy always helps us with bracelets anyway, she has to tie the ends together," Ichigo squinted, this ... this wasn't going well at all... "Did you think this through at ALL when we were a
:iconasagi-k-kurosaki:Asagi-K-Kurosaki 3 0
Claws That Scratch The Flesh pt.30
Claws That Scratch The Flesh
Thirtieth Scratch: Delay
The news that Rose was gone and that, apparently, no one knew where he was circled far faster than anyone could imagine, there were teams looking into it and task forces being built but those who knew what was happening in this world, the unnatural forces at work, were all fairly certain that no amount of human effort could really help anything, and that was a frustrating fact to realize because, even though they were in the know about all of this, even though it had disrupted their lives again and again, they had almost zero supernatural resources, and the entire thing just made everyone involved feel like a sitting duck, but there was hope, there was always hope, and with it, there was also the chance to smash that hope into dust, into something that could never be recovered again...
"I'm sorry to hear about your freind... or... well... aquintance," Derek said sympathetically, "Yeah... I just... I don't know, it felt like for once
:iconasagi-k-kurosaki:Asagi-K-Kurosaki 2 8
Claws That Scratch The Flesh pt.29
Claws That Scratch The Flesh
Twenty-Ninth Scratch: Discovery
"Are you sure this is going to work? Even if, by some miricale, we CAN fend off the Wendigos- or ... Unseelie Faeries... watever they are.... how do we know we can actually CATCH the person who's doing this? There are so many ways for this to go wrong," Ichigo sighed as he started climbing over the wall, "I know, but it's alright, I mean... it's going to be alright, just trust me, and as for catching them... we don't actually have to CATCH anyone, even if we can just get an idea of what they look like then we'll have a lead to go by," Rukia added, Ichigo nodded slowly, "Yeah... I guess that's true, are you sure you're ready to do this?" he asked cautiously, glancing down at her as she started to climb the wall as well, she nodded slowly in affirmation, "Yeah... I'm sure..."
"See? What did I tell you? They've already climbed over the wall," Shinji said with a huff as he got out of the car, "My question is how they keep avo
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Claws That Scratch The Flesh pt.28
Claws That Scratch The Flesh
Eighteenth Scratch: The Truth
"Why are you suddenly interested in helping me? What made you change your mind about the other agents?" Ichigo asked suspeciously, "We ran into Ukitake last night, he was .. acting suspeciously," Shinji replied with a shrug, "You just... ran into him? And what exactly do you think it was about him that was suspecious?" he asked with a frown, "Where he was, what he was doing... it was just ... weird," Shinji added, "And where exactly was this? Come to think of it what were the three of YOU doing when you ran into him?" the three exchanged glances, Shinji shifting uncomfortably and wrinkling his nose, "Any way we can go without telling you that?" "Not really, no," Ichigo shrugged back, Shinji looked around, noticing all the people at the department that may be privvy to their conversation, "Fine, we'll tell you.. meet us in an hour at the diner a few blocks from here, the one with the koi on the sign, got it?" "Yeah, I think I ca
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Tumbling Down
Tumbling Down
A gasp echoed from his body as he jerked upwards, panting slightly and running his hands through his hair
There was something strange going on, he could feel it beneath his skin
Even if he didn't know what it was
It was almost like the nagging feeling of nostalgia....
"Hello?" he croaked, rising to his feet and stumbling slightly as he rubbed his eyes
Something- no... everything...- felt strange and familiar at the same time
Like he had been here, to this exact location, before... but maybe it had changed...
It was really the oddest thing...
"Hello?" he called again
A little more pronounced this time
He felt a sudden tap on his shoulder and turned around, jumping when he saw .. her...
A beautifull girl with dark raven terresses and a soft smile and knowing, sincere amythist eyes
"What can I help you with?" she asked in a voice twice as deep as he expected
"Well... to begin with, where the hell am I?" he challenged with a deep frown
"Does it matter?" the girl challeng
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Claws That Scratch The Flesh pt.27
Claws That Scratch The Flesh
Twenty-Seventh Scratch: Boogeyman
"Alright... any time now..." Kensei muttered as he looked around the forest, the sun had gone down about fifteen minutes ago, surely by now there would be signs... a low grumble sounded in the distance and Rose clutched Shinji's shoulders, "Nock it off Rose, there's nothing for you to be afraid of," he insisted with a huff, "Not even that?" he asked quietly, slowly turning and pointing to a corner of the woods were a large, lanky, skeleton-ish creature stood, Kensei cursed lowly, and without even thinking about it, the three began to run
"Immune? What exactly do you mean immune?" Ichigo asked with a worried frown as Rukia swept a strand of hair behind her ear, "I don't know, I had the sense that they weren't effected, as if... there was no fear of the monsters turning around and attacking them, as if the monsters couldn't even see them," she explained, "Gone back to calling them monsters now huh?" he mused, "Well we are
:iconasagi-k-kurosaki:Asagi-K-Kurosaki 3 2
Password Protected
Password Protected
"I'm not saying it," Stiles said definately, "Me neither," Allison replied, leaning against the wall, none of the other students spoke up and it seemed to be a shared sentiment between them, "I can't say it, my Elphie is a half-blood, I haven't said that word in three years," sighed a blonde girl, Galinda, as she slid down the wall and wrapped her arms around her nees, "So.... what do we do?" Stiles asked awkwardly as he leaned against the wall, "What are you all doing just standing there?" Jackson huffed as he marched up the stairs towards them, "The door won't let us in," Allison frowned, "What? You guys got the new password didn't you?" Jackson frowned as he approached, "Yeah but we're not gonna USE it, it's bigoted," Stiles huffed back, Jackson stared at him, snorting, "It's a WORD, although I can see why you'd hesitate Stillinski," he mused, Stiles' eyes narrowed as Galinda stood up, stepping closer, "You aren't going to say it are you?" "As opposed
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Claws That Scratch The Flesh pt.26
Claws That Scratch The Flesh
Twenty-Sixth Scratch: Plot
"Seriously? There's not even a trace?" Ichigo sighed heavily, "Seriously, he can't find anything, I'm starting to think it's al in my head..." Rukia sighed, shaking her head slowly and running her fingers through her hair, "I'm starting to wonder how much of this is all in my head...." she muttered, Ichigo's eyes narrowed, placing his hands on her shoulders as she glanced up at him, "Listen, just.... don't go there ok? Just don't go there, you aren't imagining things, we'll figure this out, I promise," "Even so, how many more will have to die before we do?"
"Have you found anything else yet?" Ichigo asked as he peered over Rukia's shoulder, "Not really, Wendigos aren't really listed as Unseelie Faeries, just as cannabilistic spirits... I have to wonder if wat we're dealing with a Wendigo at all, maybe it isn't, maybe it's a Boggart or something and just takes the FORM of a Wendigo," she suggested, "But there's more than one, W
:iconasagi-k-kurosaki:Asagi-K-Kurosaki 3 2
Party Planners
Party Planners
Stiles went out of his way to make people feel special on their birthday, it was just a given, he bought Lydia something amazing and extreme... but also deeply personal and meaningfull... he did something with Scott- and no one knew what it was, because it was just a secret thing, just between them- that they apparently did on his birthday every year but that always made him come back smiling even more than he was when he left, he always found out when everyone's birthday was and made sure they celebrated somehow no matter how new to the group they were, and Derek.... Stiles went out of his way to spend CHRISTMAS celebrating Derek's birthday, he didn't push it back until the 26th like everyone else did, he actually celebrated it on the 25th- Derek's REAL birthday- even though it took away from his Christmas, and for that reason alone (Not to mention all of the others he had listed here) he was determined to give Stiles the best birthday he could... or better than that be
:iconasagi-k-kurosaki:Asagi-K-Kurosaki 13 3
Claws That Scratch The Flesh pt.25
Claws That Scratch The Flesh
Twenty-Fifth Scratch: Ghost
"Rose!" Upon hearing his name the other agent jerked his head up and looked over his shoulder, "Hm? What?" he asked obliviously as he looked up, "You've been staring at the computer screen without moving for five minutes, what's wrong?" Shinji frowned, "Mm just... researching, this guy Detective Kurosaki is talking to so much... it's weird," "What's weird?" Shinji frowned, "All I'm finding on him are crime reports," "Wat kind of reports? Is he a theif? A murderer?" Shinji guessed, "No no... he's a victum...."
"Thanks again for letting me share Renji," Ichigo hummed as he leaned over Renji's sholder and stared at the microwavable bowl in his hands, "It's just pasta, besides I've eaten on your dime enough times," Renji shrugged back, "Yeah you have," Ichigo replied teasingly, making the other man's eye twitch in irritation at that, "Well, I'm not going to bother asking if you're alright, 'cause clearly you aren't and you won't
:iconasagi-k-kurosaki:Asagi-K-Kurosaki 2 2
Leave Out All The Rest pt.41
Leave Out All The Rest
Chapter Fourty-One: Let There Be Lonely
"You know you can go in right?" Beastboy asked quietly as he glanced up at Raven, the empath looked away from him and closed her eyes, "Rae... don't tell me you're feeling guilty over this... there's... NOTHING you could have done," Beastboy added with a frown, Raven glanced down at where he was sitting in the waiting room and rubbed her upper arm, "I don't see you going in," she muttered back, he rubbed the back of his neck, chewing on his lip, "Yeah.. ok, that's fair," he muttered back, "I just.. I mean I don't feel GUILTY.. just... hospitals... make me uncomfortable," he muttered back, Raven nodded back, closing her eyes, "Me too," she muttered back, "Yeah?" he asked quietly, "The only thing that happens in hospitals is the delivery of bad news, negativity, pain, sickness... can any empath feel anything but sick with all that in the air? The only place that isn't filled with that heaviness is-" "The maternity ward," he c
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Claws That Scratch The Flesh pt.24
Claws That Scratch The Flesh
Twenty-Fourth Scratch: Home Invasion
"Wait, what do you MEAN it's in the house?" The werewolf asked urgently from the computer, "I.. I don't really know, I just.. I looked up, twice now, and saw it's reflection, but when I turn around it's gone... am I going crazy?" she breathed, "No... no not crazy at all," he said quietly, running his hands through his hair, "I'm going to give you my contact information, get out of the house, go somewhere safe, and call me from there, alright?" she swallowed and nodded, standing up with shaking hands, "I've got to get the dogs' leashes," she muttered, racing to the coat rack, she wasn't sure if the library would allow dogs but she had a feeling they wouldn't, meaning there was really only one other place she could go.... and she just hoped it didn't blow up in her face...
"Rukia? What are you doing here?" Ichigo asked in surprise as he turned to see Rukia walking into the office with the dogs at her sides, "Can I talk
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Ah, these are mainly IchiRuki right? ^^


I tried to work it in greyscales and overlay. nope by Manoe-Mane I tried to work it in greyscales and overlay. nope :iconmanoe-mane:Manoe-Mane 8 4 First Snow by spider999now First Snow :iconspider999now:spider999now 312 44 One condition by Tenshi-no-Hikari One condition :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 955 33 Yashiros Plan E by naoguiarts Yashiros Plan E :iconnaoguiarts:naoguiarts 39 48 Updated: Avatar Art Nouveau Costume Designs by Hannah-Alexander Updated: Avatar Art Nouveau Costume Designs :iconhannah-alexander:Hannah-Alexander 3,642 72 Green by spider999now Green :iconspider999now:spider999now 136 35 Free!: 65 More Years by Tishawish Free!: 65 More Years :icontishawish:Tishawish 83 21 Maneki Toothless by TsaoShin Maneki Toothless :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 5,070 498 PREDATOR PORTRAIT - CHEETAH by MartinWilneff PREDATOR PORTRAIT - CHEETAH :iconmartinwilneff:MartinWilneff 57 8 More Than Ever by MisterLIAR More Than Ever :iconmisterliar:MisterLIAR 212 5 Derek Hale by MisterLIAR Derek Hale :iconmisterliar:MisterLIAR 275 6 Gaming BFs by spider999now Gaming BFs :iconspider999now:spider999now 286 27 TW: This Might Hurt by Nevheera TW: This Might Hurt :iconnevheera:Nevheera 161 11 TW: Happy Holidays by Nevheera TW: Happy Holidays :iconnevheera:Nevheera 189 1 TW: I thought you were by Nevheera TW: I thought you were :iconnevheera:Nevheera 526 13 TW: Catch Me If You Can by Nevheera TW: Catch Me If You Can :iconnevheera:Nevheera 558 37

If anyone cares- Updates

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 13, 2015, 2:51 AM
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So to most people who have been following me for a decent amount of time you know that I'm actually usually excessively active on here, posting usually three times a week or so, and yet the last two months or so I've actually been almost silent, welp there is a reason for that- there are actually multiple reasons for that- and the reasons are that I have: A. Been more concentrated on some stuff going on with my next book since it hit a few stumbling blocks that I ended up having to binge-edit into submission (and trust me when I say that isn't fun) and on top of that the last couple of weeks I've been working tirelessly on the Sterek Haven Big Bang and the Teen Wolf Reverse Bang to get those finished, the Big Bang was posted Friday night and the Reverse Bang doesn't have a date set yet but my point is that those beasts were 100K and 20K respectively and I wrote the vast majority of them both in the last few months, I've done a couple of stray oneshots that went up here but that's about it because I've been so focused on The Beasts, now that those are done, however, I'm back to not feeling like a clock is wrapped around my throat and resolve quite resolutely to never sign up for four coinciding events ever again *cough* Anyway with that out of the way and my not knowing how to fix this font that I've heard people can't read, let's get to the important stuff

IchiRuki is still my #1 OTP and I am still going to be writing them Despite the last couple of months being consumed by a bisexual werewolf and his equally bisexual speculated-spark boyfreind, and despite the fact that I've gotten to writing more original stuff lately than ever for various reasons, I'm still going to be sailing the SS IchiRuki all the way to.. well... SS.... although... I've come to realize that unlike with my other OTPs, my inspiration for writing Sterek has not faded at all over time so unlike other fandoms who only pop on occassion, it looks like these two dorks are going to be pretty well in swish with IchiRuki and I felt like that needed to be said because I'm pretty sure that 99% of my watchers don't even know what Teen Wolf is

Ichigo's birthday is in two days and I WILL have something ready for it I promise

I have a few event peices built up that have been going on AO3 from recent that I will upload here preferrably soon, I have two oneshots, a chaptered-fic, and once my Reverse Bang is scheduled another chapter-fic, all Sterek, that will be uploaded hopefully soon

I've found out something important recently about what I like to write and there's a pretty strong chance it'll change what's written here, in that, I actually have discovered that I prefer doing big projects over oneshots, it's not something I ever thought much about since DA seems to respond much better to small stuff so I never put too much interest into doing bigger projects simply because I had no real reason to and most of the really big stuff I've had in my head have sat on the sidelines collecting dust in favor of oneshots, but that's about to change, I still like oneshots, don't get me wrong, I'll be doing one for Ichigo's birthday and have a Sterek oneshot ready to go, I'm also going to- very hopefully- be writing some other oneshots here soon including a Gelphie one I'm half done with and a cute IchiRuki/Sterek crossover just for example, plus many ideas that I haven't started yet, but I've found in doing my 100K project and then doing a 20K right after it that I really like doing these bigger, multi-chaptered things, I know I do my Friday polls every week that are for multi-chaptered projects but they usually end up being pretty sure, in fact I can only think of one project I ever did on here that amounted to anything close to 100K and that was Of Ghoulies And Beasties from a couple of years ago, I think 2013, I had loved doing it back then but thought that was just a fluke because it was something I knew alot about- cryptozoology being that something- and had a really intense interest for, and although that's true, it was always extremely satisfying to see how long it was and how involved I could make the story, even though it didn't get much attention here on DA it remains one of my personal favorites, meaning that from now on I'm going to be doing more long projects and less achingly short oneshots and drabbles, my oneshots may in fact end up being bigger too at this point

I'm no longer going to be doing scheduled posting, except for my Friday polls, but I WILL continue Claws That Scratch The Flesh and Leave Out All The Rest, I apologize most sincerely to my BBxRae fans who have been waiting even longer than my IchiRuki readers, but I didn't expect so much to come up at once, I also learned during this posting hiatus that my posting schedule was doing much more harm than good and it was getting rediuclously difficult to keep up now that I'm getting published and working on other projects too, so I'll still finish what I started, I'll just be doing it more at my leisure

What all of this means is essentially posting in bigger quantities but with less frequency, so I may not post for a week or two at a time but when I DO post again it'll probbably be with something bigger, little oneshots along the way are pretty much bonuses

What I'm currently looking to work on provided my inspiration stays with me right now include... Claws That Scratch The Flesh, Leave Out All The Rest, a Gelphie oneshot, a oneshot for Ichigo's birthday, an IchiRuki/Sterek oneshot, a feral!Derek multi-chaptered fic, entries for IchiRuki Week and Sterek Week, provided I can get the themes announced soon for IchiRuki Week and provided Sterek Week is still happening in August like I heard it was, either way, I'll be hosting a Sterek Week in November on Tumblr so I'll still be doing one either way

I just wanted to drop in and let ya'll know what was going on, feel free to drop me a message with your thoughts!


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This is by the fabulous :icontyrackwolfii:

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:heart: :thumb110602258: :heart: I'm not afraid to believe in Faeries, vampires, or happy endings, that doesn't stop me from being rational and intellegent

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