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Submitted on
September 16, 2010
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Rukia bit her lip slightly

She had been feeling a little.. strange... lately and she was starting to get suspecious...

She wasn't sick

Or atleast she didn't think so

But other than that there was only ONE possible reason for her to be feeling so odd...

"Um, Yoruichi?"

Rukia asked quietly as she walked into the Cheetah-Woman's room

"Yeah?" she asked as she combed her hair

"Y-You... don't happen to have... um.. a uh.. p-pregnancy test on you... do you?"

Yoruichi raised an eyebrow

"You think you might be?"

"Maybe... I'm not sure.."

She smirked and opened a drawer, slinging a home pregnancy test Rukia's way

"Why do you have this in your make up table..?"

"So Byakuya doesn't find it and freak out, it's just in case anyway," she said with a shrug

Rukia's eye twitched slightly

"Th-Thanks... that's a little more info than I needed but thanks...."


Ichigo groaned and ran his hand down his face

'Come ON Rukia..' he thought

'This is just rediculous... all the rooms in this dang house and only two bathrooms... both of wich are taken!' he thought in annoyence

FINALLY, after Ichigo was SURE he was going to DIE, Rukia came out of the bathroom

"Ichigo um.. I ne-"

She didn't even get the words out of her mouth before the lion-man brushed past her so quickly she felt like she may have gotten wip-lash...


"Ichigo I need to talk to you," Rukia said seriously

Ichigo looked up from his cooking and gave her his full attention

"Um... Ichigo... I'm pregnant!"

Complete silence




He blinked, then smiled widely and wrapped her in a tight hug

"Ru-ki-ah~!!!" he said happily, nuzzling the side of her face

"I take it you're happy?" she laughed

A soft purr was her answer and she giggled

"I'm happy too," she said quietly, kissing his forehead

"Just think Ichigo, this is only the begining, we're going to have so many babies~!" she sang happily

He felt his heart start to pound and his smile fade slightly

She was only nineteen...

He gulped

He felt guilty for possibly taking away her youth...

"I've wanted to be a mommy my entire life! I'm so excited about this!" she chirped as she hopped out of his arms

"I used to have tons of baby dolls that I would take care, now I get a REAL baby..." she mumbled with a content smile

He smiled back

If she was happy about this then so was he

"I'm going to go tell everyone~! I can't WAIT to get started on the next one~!"


It was that sentence that sent him to the ground with a loud THUD
o_o MORE PETs-AU-IchiRuki!? Yes.... it's :icontyrackwolfii: 's fault for making such a cute scenario... I wanted to write about bunny-Rukia's first time finding out she's pregnant, because mating is a big deal for rabbits and :icontyrackwolfii: does so much stuff about Rukia attacking Ichigo, who is afraid and worried all the time about either getting caught or getting Rukia pregnant too soon and stuff :XD: I just can't imagine these two not having kids early considering Rukia is such a rabbit, litterally and metaphorically :giggle: And I also wanted to write Ichigo's reaction to it :giggle:
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