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Ah, these are mainly IchiRuki right? ^^


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My IchiRuki faves :D


Next series on the way!

Journal Entry: Sun May 19, 2013, 1:19 PM
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So Invasion Of Territories has ended, honestly I think it flopped quite a bit, it was hard for me to write because it veered WAY off course of my original idea, but that's neither here nor there, the next one is going much easier so far and I'm hoping you'll all enjoy "Silver Moon" starting next week :D The summary is below!

IchiRuki-Centric; AU; Rukia is a young Irish woman who is captured by pirates, a few days into her kidnapping she was certain to face death, until the ship was invaded and she was captured AGAIN, this time by a beautifull young man named Ichigo...

Hello all! I have come to say that from now on my weekly IchiRuki series, that I usually post on twice a week will now be reduced to only being updated on Wendsdays, the reason being that there are too many projects I want to work on and need to work on that are sitting around waiting because I have to work on this one, I'm sure you've noticed my chapters for this one have been alot shorter lately and that's why as well, I'm also trying really hard to work on my books so I can get published but I don't have time for that when I'm posting two a week, not to mention a big chunk of my time has been snatched away because of my new puppy, Isabo McKenzie, who I was blessed with in November, I also still owe someone a gift and I owe an art trade to :iconpeachberrydivision: , I promise I haven't forgotten about you guys! I've just been a real mess since around April of last year, however, EVERYTHING ELSE will stay the same, the new weekly schedule, starting this week, is as follows: Wendsday: IchiRuki series (currently Invasion Of Territories) Thursday: non-Bleach series (currently Leave Out All The Rest, although honestly with this I could end up doing an IchiRuki series on Thursdays at some point instead of a non-Bleach but it depends on how my others are going) Friday: a new series poll, speaking of the new series poll for anyone who hasn't voted yet I encourage you to stick to what you like, ofcourse, but possibly consider voting for an AU? I currently have no AUs with any votes and as I started about two years ago my polls always have a winning Bleachverse and a winning AU, so if there's no AU vote by Wendsday I'm going to just post all five of those options on another poll and see where that goes, so anyway I hope this new schedule works better for everyone :heart:

So! "Potions Master He Is Not" has finished and admittedly it was ill advised of me to start posting that one so soon... or move forward with it with a plot as small as "Haru probbably can't brew potions at all" ^^; BUT there is good news, starting next Thursday- the first Thursday of 2014- I will be starting a new series on Thursday that is...


Yes I know I said Thursdays were for Free! but I decided that was a little too narrow, I have so many non-polled series that I'm trying to do (and yes some are IchiRuki I'm sorry) that I decided I needed to just use Thursdays for these and I shall, so I now present the BBxRae I've been working on for two years ^^; Hopefully now I can get back to it since I'm posting it ^^; It will be rather long, I warn, and it has a bit of a ... .different... way of having the story told ;) But the point is, next Thursday I'll begin "Leave Out All The Rest" so keep your eyes open!

I will be posting some Christmas fics today as probbably expected, and I'd also like to announce that the new year will bring some new changes in my writing, what I post, when I post it, how much I post, etc, can't tell you what right now because it's a little short notice but I'm hoping it'll be good, so um, merry Christmas! ^^;

That's right, I just posted the last chapter of Born Again, I know 31 is an odd number to leave on but it was an October/Halloween fic sooo you know... anyway the next series will start Wendsday so keep an eye out for "Invasion Of Territories" *summary below*

All charector; IchiRuki-Centric; Due to an odd incident with hollows and Arrancar taking place in the living world, several captains and leuitenits have been stationed there for an undetermined amount of time, and that means that like it or not they'll have to atleast somewhat adjust to human life style, but will they be able to blend in, or will they lose their cover?

Since it's Halloween and everyone knows how much I love Halloween, I've decided to use today to make a couple of announcements :) For the first: Starting NEXT THURSDAY  I will be starting a new long-term project of multi-chaptered fics for "Free!", they will be posted one chapter a week and like my IchiRuki series one will begin right after the one before it ends, I look forward to everyone letting me know what they think about this! :) I would have started it tonight but I have alot of Halloween fics I want to post ^^; They'll be mostly AU because I can't seem to think of good inverse ideas for Free! for long term, and since I have an idea of what I want to be doing at the time I won't be polling options for the series, I'll just write them by my own schedule, the second is this, I'm hoping to start posting a third (besides my IchiRuki and Free! multi-chaptereds) a third long-term project that I've been working on here soon, I actually started it last year but things have been too busy to work on it, I've reorganized alot though so I'm getting back to it I hope, All I can say is that it will be IchiRuki mostly, if not completely, but I may occassionally add Free! or BBxRae to it, it'll also be unlike my other multi-chapters in a veeeeeeery special way, and atleast HALF of it is going to be fairytale based! It'll be a completely new spin on fairytales and I hope very much for it to work out well! Also I want to let you all know that I will be posting some  Halloween fics after Halloween, due to the fact that I was on vacation last week and litterally got no writing done at all I didn't finish all of what I was working on, so there will be treats here and there! And finally, don't think my vacation stories will go unannounced, keep a look out for those sometime in November ;)

I'll be in Orlando Florida for a week starting tommorrow :D I'm quite excited, I met a great freind down there last year, :iconcambria-aire: and so if anyone wants to meet up wile I'm there please let me know :D I really hope someone will be there to meet X3 I'll be available all week mostly, and will be staying near Downtown Disney so that'll likely be where we can meet if anyone wants to, I'll also be doing plenty of vacation themed fics to post some time after Halloween and I WILL still have internet so worry not, the schedule will not be interrupted~

I'll be there, will you? :) I'll be at Anime Weekend Atlanta next Friday and Saturday if anyone wants to meet, I'll be the Rukia with black and white nail polish and a Delilah Noir ball joint doll :) If you want to meet just send me a message X3 Also if anyone knows when/where/if there will be a Bleach photoshoot or meet up PLEAAAASE tell me <3

That's right, the monster that is "Eclipse Of The Heart" has now ended on chapter 100 :) It's been a great series and I had an absolute blast writing it, it had alot of ups and downs and different things going on but now it's time to move on to the next option on the list, stay tuned for my next series, "Born Again", starting this Saturday!! :) The summary is below!

All charector; IchiRuki-Centric; It is discovered months after the war that many Espada have reincarnated, along with a few fallen Soul Reapers, and Ichigo and Rukia are assigned to keep track of them and ensure that they don't become trouble... but the fact that they're kids makes this task close to impossible!

To my watchers, due to my mom giving me several more ideas I will be extending Monster Week another 3 days, for a total of 13 days/fics, to conclude May 31st, finishing out the month :) Thank you! :D

Hello my lovelies! As many of you probbably know by now, I LOVE monsters, magic, and all mystery creatures, so when Animal Planet did Monster Week last year I was thrilled, now it seems that Monster Week will be an annual thing for Animal Planet and wile I don't know for how long, I do know that I'm very excited! How does this effect you? This year I have decided to do my OWN Monster Week right here on DA! How will this work? Each night during Monster Week I'll post an IchiRuki AU that is themed around humans finding creatures that most people believe do not exist, I'm going to try to keep this more on the spooky/sciencey side of things because that's how Animal Planet is doing their's, and not have it as magical and light as I usually do when I do AU (I personally both believe in the spiritual/magical AND the spookey/scientific side of any given monster) and since Animal Planet's Monster Week actually goes for EIGHT nights instead of seven (I still don't know why but I'm not complaining) I decided to extend my own Monster Week an extra two nights to round out to an even ten, meaning that it will start Monday May 20th and end Wendsday May 29th, I hope everyone has a good time and enjoys the AU I'll be doing! :D I'm also looking, for anyone who's curious, to finish a few projects that I've been working on for a long time in the near future, I have some oneshots written too so starting tommorrow I should be showing up with some surprises! ;) Happy (early) Monster Week everyone!


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